Nice to Meet You. I’m Debra!

I am a creative soul who also is analytical.  Also a Type A- clean freak (as opposed to a A+ personality), a music fan and a nerd among other things.  Typically when people approach me, they do not see me as a person on the spectrum.  More often than not, if I give any indication that I am #autistic, then they typically say something on the lines “I never would have thought you had #autism.”  Every once in a while, I’d get the reaction, “I can’t see any of that; quit labeling yourself!”

The thing with labels is that they tend to suggest something negative.  Of course, when I was first aware of my condition, I did not feel good about myself.  I felt like I could never be normal now that I found that out.  However, after several years of experiences, trials, errors and flukes, I’ve learned to not just be ok with my diagnosis, but to own it.

To be fair, I cannot own all of the autistic people’s characteristics, quirks or hardships, but I have my own little spot on the spectrum that I can claim anyway.  And if there is a story or study on the topic, you bet I’ll be opinionated on it.  So stay tuned for some input.

I also plan on finding other interesting things that Aspies or Autists might enjoy.  Like DIY Fidget Spinner if you’re the crafty type, or helpful advice for looking for a job – especially if you’re on the spectrum.  I will write a lot from experience, but I’ll make sure to cite other sources…of course.

That’s it for now!  See you next time!  Looking forward to seeing this brainchild grow with you all!



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